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                关于鸭脖app About Dashun
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                About Dashun
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                        Dongguan City Dasun Machinery Factory was established in 2002, the company has professional production equipment and technology, set the development, production and sales of automatic button - machine in the (self - employed), Dongguan City, Tai Sun Machinery Co., Ltd. Jackets, shirts, wind raincoats, leather handbags, and other production enterprises, for the automatic Wuzhua button Zhuangnao, denim button, the word button, and so on. The company is specialized in producing all kinds of children's clothing, jeans, Four buttons, white deduction, sewing button, hit nails, Corn, anxious button, and other button products.

                        Dasun automatic button function for enterprises to improve production efficiency and reduce production costs, while protecting the safety of production workers. Product performance is stable and reliable, won praise at home and abroad customers, the world and domestic clothing brand designated manufacturer, selling the rest of the world.